Internal Competitions - Results  and Image Gallery

'The club managed to run six of the nine major competitions during the year and everyone who participated enjoyed the games they played. We also had a very enjoyable finals weekend, blessed with good weather, a good number of spectators and some fine games.'


The 2021 results were as follows...............


Ladies Nominated Triples.....

Winners- Denise Eland, Lin Woodruff

& Jan Wilkins

Runners up- Sandra Carter, Jean Overton

& Pauline Dent

Mixed Nominated Pairs.....

Winners - Sandra Carter &Tony Carter

Runners up - Mark Griffiths & Ann Nash

Men’s 2 Wood Singles.....

Runner up- Mike Cove

Winner- Colin Bevis


Men’s 4 Wood Singles.....

Runner up- Colin Bevis

Winner- Mike Cove

Men’s Nominated Pairs.....

Winners- Mike Cove & Dennis Overton

Runners up- Colin Bevis & Sanjaye Somaroo


Men’s Nominated Triples.....

Winners- Mike Cove, Tony Carter

& Dennis Overton

Runners up- Steve Burdock, Colin Bevis

& Sanjaye Somaroo

The Friendship  Shield