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Internal Competitions '22 - Results and Image Gallery

'The club managed to run all 10 major internal competitions during the year plus the Novice Cup and everyone who participated enjoyed the games they played. We had a very enjoyable finals weekend, blessed with good weather, a good number of spectators and some fine games. ​A big Thank You to Tony & Sandra Carter for all the hard work in organising and running the events ' ​

Drawn Pairs Competition.....

Finalists - Lynn Bryant & Mark Emery v Jane Heaton & Terry Stenner

Winners - Lynn Bryant & Mark Emery

Ladies 4 Wood Competition.....

Finalists - Sandra Carter v Lynn Bryant

Winner - Sandra Carter


Men’s 2 Wood Singles Competition.....

Finalists - Dave Sage v Mark Griffiths

Winner - Mark Griffiths

Mixed Nominated Pair's Competition.....

Finalists - Pauline & Alan Dent v Carol Watson & Mike Cove.

Winners - Carol Watson & Mike Cove.

Ladies 2 Wood Competition.....

Finalists Carol Watson v Lynn Bryant.

Winner - Lynn Bryant

Men's 4 Wood Competition.....

Finalists - Mark Griffiths v Tony Carter.

Winner - Mark Griffiths

Ladies Nominated Pairs Competition.....

Finalists - Carol Watson & Ann Nash v Pauline Dent & Lisa Rendall.

Winners - Pauline Dent & Lisa Rendall.

Men's Nominated Pairs Competition.....

Finalists - Steve Woodruff & Bob Wilkins v Chris Heaton & Tony Carter.

Winners - Chris Heaton & Tony Carter.

Ladies Nominated Triples Competition.....

Finalists - June Edmonds, Carol Watson & Ann Nash v Val Griffiths, Sue Arnold & Lin Burge.

Winners - Val Griffiths, Sue Arnold & Lin Burge

Men's Nominated Triples Competition.....

Finalists - Chris Heaton, Tony Carter & Alan Dent v Mike Bryant, Mike Cove & Dennis Overton.

Winners - Mike Bryant, Mike Cove & Dennis Overton.

And a quick final'e.....................

Congratulations to Mark Griffiths on winning both the 2 and 4 wood Men's singles competitions. Believed to be a 'first' in the Club.

Well done Mark.  

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