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In addition to the requirements for the acknowledgement of a visitor/s or temporary member/s it is now a Bradley Stoke Council requirement that ALL persons visiting the Club, that is including full members, MUST inform Council Staff of their presence as follows;

  • You are welcome to use the green when there are no matches but you MUST ensure the Bailey’s Court caretaker knows you are there, if they are on duty. If the shutters are up and the main front door is open then the caretaker is on site. As a courtesy and for safeguarding issues whoever is playing bowls should endeavour to find the caretaker and just let them know they are on site. Should there be any emergency situation either within the building or with one of our members then the caretaker needs to be aware of your presence.

  • If other members are already playing when you arrive there is no need to contact the caretaker, as long as someone already has and also deactivated the electric fence.  If you are first to arrive please be diligent and ensure the electric fence is deactivated as a first priority. 

  • A full process for the deactivation and reactivation of the electric fence is available by clicking on the image........

  • If you are the last player/s leaving the club, please advise the caretaker before you lock up. Also  ensure the electrical fencing system is activated to avoid damage to the green and that all locks are secured and 'spun' to randomise their code.

  • There is no longer a requirement to fill out the Visitors Book but it is recommend that this should still be used to highlight visitors or potential new members to the Club.

  • This requirement does not include official matches which are excluded from this requirement.

BSBC Electric Fence external ARMED  DISA
New start bowler.jpg

On the bowling green it's nice if everything is done properly and that new players know what is expected of them, of course experienced players should go out of their way to help the new members settle in and be aware of the requirements of the game. 

In order to aid all players taking part, a basic guide to green etiquette, rules and the roles of players is available under a sub heading within this section.

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